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What is Enhanced Membership?

Enhanced Membership is a program for current Phi Theta Kappa members. It is a way to distinguish active members who participate in events and/or hold a leadership position. These members go above and beyond normal membership standards, and the Enhanced Membership status serves as recognition of their achievements and hard work. This program is a wonderful incentive for students who are looking to partake in meaningful work and enrich their resumes.

How does it work?

To distinguish enhanced members from non-enhanced members, we use a point system based on the number of Phi Theta Kappa events attended and participated service. Each academic year, each Phi Theta Kappa member must earn at least 8 Service Points to gain an enhanced membership status. Service Points restart from nothing every July.

Service Points are earned through participation in service events. Members receive a Service Point for every hour of their participation. For each event, there is a limit of 2 Service Points allotted to each member. Throughout the year we offer many opportunities to gain Service Points. All members are encouraged to check our calendar and review the upcoming events. 

* Members who volunteered over 10 hours at a particular event or with a specific organization are encouraged to contact a chapter advisor to learn about the 'Service Learning Program'.

What are the benefits?

Enhanced Members gain access to a variety of benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Membership Certificate of Recognition
  • Increased scholarship and transfer opportunities
  • Letter of recommendation from a chapter advisor (upon request)
  • Improved leadership and fellowship skills
  • Networking and internship opportunities


For further information, please email us at or call (201) 879 - 8997.